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Exceptional Pricing without Minimums! Your bill from VoIP Street will not confuse you. Our pricing is straightforward.

Service   Price
Outbound Calling: US48 1.9 cents/min.
US Metered DID: Network A & B
8,500 Rate Centers
$1.39/DID per mo.
1.2 cents/min.
Unlimited Channels
US Flat Rate DIDs: Network A
1,500 Rate Centers
$2.00/DID per mo.
Unlimited Usage
2 Channels
  Network B
8,500 Rate Centers  
$7.95/DID per mo.
Unlimited Usage
2 Channels
International Flat Rate DID’s:   $10.95 - $15.95
30+ Countries
2 Channels
Toll-Free DIDs: US48 $2.95/8XX per mo.
$2.9 cents/min.
$3.00 setup charge
Vanity Numbers: 8XX Only Ordered Upon Request
$10.00 setup charge
Number Porting:   $20.00 per DID


  1. Per minute charges are rounded to 15 second increments with a minimum 60 second charge per call.
  2. All pricing is shown in U.S. dollars.
  3. Origination rates may vary based on rate centers (local calling area)
  4. Number porting is only available to our per-minute, DID, and toll-free numbers.
  5. There is a surcharge of 60 cents for any calls made from a pay phone to a toll-free number.
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