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The VoIPstreet Advantage

VoIPstreet's business class VoIP network is designed to provide high performance and scalability at a low unit cost. Our data centers are physically redundant, with multiple power grids connected via Metro SONET infrastructure. This configuration prevents downtime in the event of a localized outage.

VoIPstreet's data centers are connected via multiple IP peering points to Tier 1 carriers. At the edge of our network, VS has over 8,000 rate centers and we are constantly striving to improve our service and expand our footprint. Our DID warehouse holds in excess of 120,000 DIDs that are ready to be provisioned on demand. We also offer local and toll free number porting for per-minute, DID, and toll-free numbers.

Our network manages latency by utilizing BGP routes from multiple providers, putting traffic through the most direct route possible and eliminating unnecessary network traversal. Bandwidth congestion is managed by carrying excess capacity on all of our IP backbone connections, and is monitored by best of breed analysis software.

Here are just a few Advantages & Features of VoIPstreet's exceptional Metered Solution service:

  • Save: Eliminate capital expenses associated with building a physical network. With our Metered Solution, you'll be able to get the type and amount of service that you need to run your business without paying for unused features.
  • Create: Set up a new, national virtual presence or construct a local presence in a remote city or town. With our DIDs, you can establish local numbers anywhere. You can even set up vanity numbers to ensure that your potential customers will be able to reach you quickly and easily.
  • Accelerate: Let VoIPstreet help you expand your business into new markets. With our easy-to-set-up and easier-to-use DIDs, you'll be able to create local numbers in places where you were formerly unable to build your business. We offer flat rate local DIDs in the U.S. For just $9.95/month you can have unlimited calls all over the United States! You can even set up a toll-free number for just $2.95/month!
  • Reduce: Eliminate the need for toll-free numbers formerly used to enhance service applications. If you'd rather skip having a toll-free number altogether, you can easily set up one or more local numbers to areas of the country that you service.
  • Connect: Enjoy all the advantages of the robust, high-speed VoIPstreet network. We offer VoIP termination services to the entire continental US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Our DID origination covers over 10,000 local areas across the US, and we are always expanding! When you sign up for our service, you gain access to our technical infrastructure and PSTN for carriers that own a feature server.
  • Simplify: Eliminate the need to negotiate with multiple vendors or manage a variety of complex interconnection sites and contracts. You can start your service when you need it without worrying about the limitations of a thorny contract.
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